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Technology reset: Boost productivity and develop healthy habits

Despite the host of benefits that come with digital transformation and embracing new disruptive technologies, we are often warned that being surrounded by smartphones, social media and 24-hour connectivity is bad for us.

Is this really such an issue? How bad can the effects truly be on our mental health, wellbeing, productivity and creativity? And considering the ubiquity of the workplace, short of going to live in the woods, what can we really do about it?

In this engaging masterclass with Jonathan Garner, founder of Mind over Tech, and UCL neuroscience lecturer Jake Fairnie, you will discover the true impact of an unhealthy relationship with technology. Through a combination of presentation, debates and workshop exercises, discursive critical thinking is encouraged. Ultimately, you will come away with practical antidotes that you can apply to your life immediately, boosting productivity and wellbeing, using the most powerful piece of disruptive tech that exists: your mind.

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