Leadership Retreat

In October 2019 join us on the spectacular South West coast of Ireland where we will learn and practice human leadership to thrive in the future of work.

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Retreat venue, overlooking the Atlantic sea

Location: Beara Peninsula in County Cork, South West Ireland.
Dates: Sunday 13th—Wednesday 16th October 2019
Price: £4,750 per person, all inclusive (collection from airport, retreat programme, food, single occupancy accommodation & activities)


Over three days we want to give you a moment to pause, reconnect and surround yourself with a nurturing support that will both challenge and lift you. This process will all revolve around contemplating a single question:

How can I be fully human in a workplace where all of the conduits might be digital?

During this time you will learn to design and adopt digital habits for a more purposeful and human workplace. However managing digital distractions is just a part of this puzzle. In order to be fully human in the digital workplace you must first be confident in (and connected with) your own human qualities—those of purpose, communication and creativity.

We will therefore be exploring these themes over a series of specially designed workshops and discussions, all the while reflecting on how to embody these qualities in their fullest sense as we lead in a digital context.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will also connect with an intimate group of people in similar leadership positions. As a group you will learn alongside and support each other on your journey to bring these learnings back into the workplace and culture of your company.

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What can you expect?

Your adventure will begin being collected from Cork airport and transported West in a private bus, winding its way along the Haven Coast stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way

You will be staying in Dzogchen Beara, a retreat centre located on the Beara peninsula in South West Ireland, County Cork. The centre sits high on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with breathtaking views of sea and sky, offering accommodation including secluded clifftop cottages and private conservatory rooms.

On arrival we will gather for our first evening meal together where you will deepen your connection with your fellow peers and learn more about the days ahead.

This will be your home for the following two and a half days, providing the perfect environment to relax, reflect and deepen your skills for human-first leadership in a demanding digital environment.

The main sessions will take place in this circular room overlooking the Atlantic ocean

What is the focus?

Over the three days we will take a carefully curated journey which begins by looking at and applying good digital habits, and then proceeds to move more deeply into different human skillsets. Read more below for an overview of these themes.

  • Digital Habits & Boundaries

    A foundational insight into the very real consequences of digital distraction on our wellbeing, creativity and productivity. Drawing on research from Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Behavioural Science you will learn essential skills to transform your digital habits to allow you to thrive at home and at work.

  • Awareness & Purpose

    As soon as we begin to bring awareness to our relationship with technology we begin to draw on our capacities of awareness, purpose and agency. These are all fundamental human qualities which require focused attention and cultivation to really shine. Here we learn how to use the new space provided by healthy digital habits to reconnect with your own deeper sense of purpose and to bring embodied awareness into your daily life.

  • Creativity & Deep Work

    Creativity is perhaps our most precious asset in the modern workplace, and yet many of us lack the confidence and supportive environment to truly unleash our creative potential. Not only will we explore what it means to be creative as a human, but we will also learn how to clarify our boundaries with technology to design an environment which nurtures your creativity and allows you to engage in regular deep work.

  • Communication & Relationships

    Communication and human relationships are foundational skills for any successful team, yet modern digital communication tools and meeting structures often suffocate their potential. Learn how to embrace deep listening skills to be fully present with your colleagues, not only to support them but also to dramatically enhance your teams performance.

Walking up to the retreat venue from the on site cafe

Who is it for?

As a leader, you're responsible for a team—the direction they take, how they carry out their work, how they innovate and how they thrive in a digital workplace. That’s a lot of responsibility to hold and sometimes when looking after others we neglect ourselves. This retreat is a perfect opportunity to re focus and prioritise your own journey.

  • You work in a demanding and rapidly changing digital landscape and are looking for space and a facilitated environment in which to cultivate the necessary skills to thrive
  • You have been looking for opportunities to be part of a group of peers for support in understanding the future of work and how to guide your team in sustainably navigating technology's demands.
  • You need to pause, reflect and reconnect with your own sense of intention and purpose as a leader, in order to be able to lead others.

Why Dzogchen Beara in Ireland?

Dzogchen Beara is a Buddhist Retreat centre situated on the wild and spectacular Beara Peninsula. Through their selection of onsite accommodation—secluded clifftop cottages, private conservatory rooms and a budget hostel—they open their doors all year around to anyone who wishes to either spend some contemplative time alone, or unwind with friends or family.

It is difficult to do justice in words to the beautiful natural environment and atmosphere of the profound peace which it radiates. It is quite simply the perfect support for a period of calm and reflection.

We will have the full exclusive use of a large modern building which houses our main room for the sessions, a large open-plan living room and kitchen and a number of bedrooms with ocean views. Meals are all held together around a long table with a delicious and healthy menu being served up especially for you by the on-site chefs.

The site is surrounded by wild and untouched land, perfect for us to venture out on a guided walk or two to blow away the cobwebs and continue to deepen our conversations. There is also a cafe on site which serves up cakes and coffees.

The open-plan living space inside the retreat venue


There are a number of cliff-top cottages which have been renovated to a high standard in the last year. All are spectacularly situated with breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean. Each cottage has a fully equipped kitchen and large living room.

There is also a broad selection of rooms in the main building, a modern and comfortable build with generous shared communal spaces with wood burning stoves. Some rooms have private conservatories with ocean views, and all are ensuite.

Ticket Information

This is a highly personal experience—with no more than 12 participants spending nearly three days exploring deeply meaningful topics in a collaborative way.

We will therefore be considering participants on an individual basis to ensure the diversity and spirit necessary to provide this environment. If you would like to attend then please fill out this short application and let us know why you think you would be a good fit.

Ticket prices include transport to and from Cork Airport, accommodation, food and all retreat programme and activities. You will be responsible for your flights to Cork, and any travel insurance needed for your stay.

If you have any questions which have not been answered here then please contact Jonathan who will be happy to help.

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Going for a guided walk in the surrounding land