What does it mean to be human?

Over the last six months we have continued to enjoy delivering more of our workshops to businesses than ever, helping their employees understand the impact of bad digital habits to their wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

But simply knowing a list of things which you probably should be doing (disabling notifications, charging your phone out of your bedroom) is only really the beginning of this journey. In fact, in a sense, this isn't about the technology at all. It's really about human habits—yes, that old chestnut.

Back in May, our founder Jonathan spoke at the Minds@Work event "Me & My Smartphone Protecting Mental Health in our Hyperconnected Lives".

During this event he was speaking about the importance of moving beyond this initial first stage of tweaking the default settings on our devices toward treating digital wellbeing as a practice. In the same way that we don't just get fit once, our efforts to develop healthy digital habits and agency over our devices need to be a continual process of reflection and experimentation.

Reflecting on our relationship with tech in this way is powerful because it means that we are creating the circumstances to bring real awareness to ourselves. This is crucial to begin to unpick some of the nuanced habits and behaviours we live out every day.

The amazing thing about this process is that the conversation then moves very quickly from simply disabling notifications or charging your phone outside of your room to something altogether much deeper, with people in our sessions often asking themselves:

  • what are my deepest values which can help me make a shift in my habits?
  • what is it that I am distracting myself from?
  • I want to use this time I've gained well—what is truly important to me?

As a team at Mind over Tech we are driven by these deeper questions, which (to make like easier) we often condense into a single pithy one: What does it mean to be human?

It is also increasingly clear that as we begin to enter the Future of Work this same question is as important as ever in our workplace. In order to create, sustain and lead an effective team in the digital workplace, having full confidence in answering this question is crucial.

We are therefore very excited to share with you that on the 13th—16th October 2019 we are running a Leadership Retreat which will take you on a deeper journey to explore this very topic.

Over three days we want to give you a moment to pause, reconnect and surround yourself with a nurturing support that will both challenge and lift you. This process will all revolve around contemplating a single question:

How can I be fully human in a workplace where all of the conduits are increasingly digital?

We believe that in order to be fully human in the digital workplace you must first be confident in (and connected with) your own human qualities—qualities such as purpose, communication and creativity.

Over the course of the retreat we will therefore be exploring these themes through a curated program made up of a series of specially designed workshops and discussions, all the while reflecting on how to embody these qualities in their fullest sense as we lead in a digital context.

This is an intimate event with a small number of tickets available by application only—if you connect with the importance of then I strongly encourage you to take this time to join us and start to make it real for yourself.

For full details and a link to apply, visit the leadership retreat page in our events section of the website.