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Helping people transform technology into a tool which aligns with their intentions—not one that distracts from them.

Digital Habits

Technology can be a wonderful force for good, but we recognise that as increasingly large parts of our lives take place in the digital world it is also equally difficult for people to find a healthy balance.

The impact of this can be felt across all aspects of our lives from mental and physical wellbeing to productivity, creativity and quality of work. Most of us know this through experience—but what are we actually doing about it?

At Mind over Tech we work with companies and individuals to improve their wellbeing & productivity by helping them develop intentional Digital habits with their smartphones and other technology.

They created a safe space for us to share our (mild) phone addiction stories, broke down the science behind it in simple terms, and we set intentions to build a healthier relationship with our tech. In just two hours!

Matteo Menapace, V&A Videogames Resident

Brilliant! Really made me re-assess the impact of big tech. I think every course should have a module like this.

Google Apprentice

A great way to make yourself happier in the digital age!

Oliver Reese, OR/innovation

Responsible Design

A handful of people, working at a handful of technology companies, through their choices will steer what a billion people are thinking today

—Tristan Harris, ex Product Manager at Google

The conversation around technology has been turning in the last year. As people are waking up to the fact that not all digital solutions have our best interests at heart, they are increasingly searching out products which have been developed with humans in mind.

For companies to suceed in the future they will need to show that they are actively creating responsible products—those which inherently demand less of our time and attention whilst still delivering great benefits. To do so is not easy, and requires new approaches.

At Mind over Tech we work with individuals and companies to help them understand and deliver genuinely responsible design.