Mind over Tech

Redesign your relationship with technology to help you focus on what matters.

Unlock intentional habits

Technology can be a transformational tool in our lives, but we recognise that these benefits can often come with a cost to you. Whether it’s an inbox that won’t let you focus, or yet another really interesting video which eats into your full night’s sleep.

The impact of this can be felt across all aspects of our lives from mental and physical wellbeing to productivity and creativity. Most of us know this through experience—but what are we actually doing about it?

At Mind over Tech we help you identify areas where your digital habits don’t align with your goals. We then guide you in developing a personal plan which will enable you to become more intentional, balanced, engaged and effective.

A brilliant session which prompted me to think about how I interact with digital tools and how I can change bad habits.

Salvatore Augugliaro, Vodafone global legal team

They created a safe space for us to share our (mild) phone addiction stories, broke down the science behind it in simple terms, and we set intentions to build a healthier relationship with our tech. In just two hours!

Matteo Menapace, V&A Videogames Resident Artist