Mind over Tech

Redesign your relationship with technology to help you focus on what matters.

Unlock intentional habits

Technology can be a transformational tool in our lives, but we recognise that these benefits can often come with a cost to you. Whether it’s an inbox that won’t let you focus, or yet another really interesting video which eats into your full night’s sleep.

The impact of this can be felt across all aspects of our lives from mental and physical wellbeing to productivity and creativity. Most of us know this through experience—but what are we actually doing about it?

At Mind over Tech we help you identify areas where your digital habits don’t align with your goals. We then guide you in developing a personal plan which will enable you to become more intentional, balanced, engaged and effective.

Instead of walking out horrified at how much you use your phone, you leave with clear actionable goals and a better understanding of your digital habits and why they exist.

Jacqueline Conway, Group Risk and Compliance Director, Vodafone

Wellbeing is hugely important to us at KPMG, so it makes sense that we start to introduce tools that can help our student population manage this. Our candidates are digital natives, so Mind Over Tech’s Digital Wellbeing session provides them with effective ways to manage their wellbeing in the hugely digital world that they live and work in.

Charlotte Carter, Head of Student Recruitment at KPMG UK

Mind over Tech deliver a great action-oriented programme that not only opens your eyes to the impact of your tech usage but is also jam-packed with useful, actionable, tips for how to get your digital life on track, in a way that works for you.

Laura Scott, Head of Communications for Google Hardware, APAC

This session covered a huge amount of ground - from principles, through to the neuroscience, and into specific tips. It left me thinking things through at many levels, and walking away with some tips that were implemented within a couple of hours. Highly recommended.

Iyas AlQasem, Guardian Masterclass